St. Paul’s is a Church of England Primary School provided by the Diocese of Manchester and is maintained by the Salford Local Authority as a Voluntary Aided School. The school’s Governing Body is the Admissions Authority and is responsible for taking decisions on applications for admissions. For the school year commencing September 2022-23 the Governing Body has set its planned admissions number at 30. This Admissions Policy has been agreed with the Diocese of Manchester and the Local Authority.

The governors will admit all children who have statements of special educational needs in which the school is named. In the event of oversubscription for the remaining places they will be allocated by use of the criteria detailed in our Admissions Policy which you can find on our policies page.

If you need any help with the admissions process please pop into the School Office .


Year GroupPAN
Year 130
Year 230
Year 330
Year 430
Year 530
Year 6 30

Waiting List

Waiting lists will be held in criteria order according to the oversubscription criteria. Waiting lists will not be operated on a “first come, first served” basis. The amount of time an applicant is on a waiting list will not affect their position on it.

Local Authority Admissions

You can find more information about School Admissions and in year transfers from Salford LA website: