Local Advisory Board

The Local Advisory Board (LAB) was set up in November 2021 to replace the Interim Executive Board (IEB) which had been in place since December 2019. Whilst IEB members are still listed until 12 months after the IEB has been replaced, they are no longer governors due to the conversion to a LAB.

The objective for the Local Advisory Board (LAB) has been agreed as :

To support and challenge the school on its journey to good, undertaking our statutory obligations and promoting high expectations for all learners, the curriculum and the quality of education.

Copies of LAB meeting minutes are available to parents, on request, from school.


Below is the governance information for the Local Advisory Board at St Paul’s CE Primary School and the Trustees and Members boards of governance at Vantage Academy Trust. Use this link for further information about governance at Vantage Academy Trust.


Structure of the Trust


The Trust Members are responsible for setting the vision of the Trust, amending the Articles of Association, appointing Members/Trustees and removing Trustees. Members hold Trustees to account for the effective running of the Trust.


The Trustees are appointed with the skill set and expertise to take responsibility for the strategic priorities of the Trust  and implementing the vision and ethos set by the members. At board meetings, Trustees have oversight of financial performance, agree targets for pupil achievement and monitor progress of schools. They hold executive leaders accountable for standards and performance of employees and review the performance and pay of school Principals and Chief Executive Officers, in conjunction with Chairs of Local Advisory Boards.


Local Advisory Boards

The main focus of the Local Advisory Boards is to hold individual schools and school leaders to account for school standards, behaviour, quality of teaching and safety of pupils. They set clear expectations, monitor and review progress and achievement for pupils and ensure that school spending represents good value for public money. They monitor and review the quality of teaching and learning, considering feedback from both parents and pupils and ensure that pupils are properly safeguarded. The chairs of all LABs are invited to attend Trustees meetings and present on key local issues, when appropriate.

The Chair of Governors at St Pauls’s Primary School is Mrs Diane Martindale.

Mrs Diane Martindale can be contacted through the school office on 0161 850 2455

LAB Representatives

Trustees & Members